New Manual Hoists in Stainless Steel

This year 2018 we completed the range of special manual hoists with 100% stainless steel spur gear hoists up to 3000 kg.

They are specially designed for the pharmaceutical sector and food industry  where the demand for these products is increasing.

The hoist and trolley are manufactured entirely in stainless steel, so they are also a very useful equipment for environments where corrosion is high: chemical plants, marine industry and water treatment plants among the most common applications.

Stainless steel trolleys are manufactured in push manual version or by chain translation.

For those applications of hoists that want elevation and / or electric transfer, we have chain hoists made of aluminium castings but with stainless steel chain, stainless steel hook, stainless steel wheels and special lubricants suitable for the food sector with capacities up to 2600 kg in the standard version.