Types of lifting tables

The lifting table catalog is made up of a wide variety of models to offer all types of loads, from 50 kg to 30,000 kg. Each model is designed to perform a type of work, from being part of the production line to carrying out maintenance work in a safe and ergonomic way, transforming into greater efficiency and therefore productivity.

Know the different models of tables:

Standard scissor table

Hydraulic tables are one of the most used models in industry and in the logistics sector. They are designed for loading and unloading, but also to improve the ergonomics of the workplace. One of the most common functions is integration into production processes, both semi-automatic and automatic. Within this category we find:

  • Extra-flat lifting table, very low bending height, perfect for production lines linked to logistics systems.
  • Table for distributed loads, a standard model that allows us to lift loads and improve the ergonomic position of the operator. From 500 kg to 2000 kg with a maximum elevation of 1880 mm (may vary depending on model and load)
  • Table for concentrated partial load, ensures correct operation and maximum safety to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Battery powered mobile lift table

This model is equipped with a 24V 240Ah battery and supports loads up to 5000kg and 1600mm of vertical travel. The independent button panel is used to activate the table.

Reinforced scissor table

  • Simple scissor table, this reinforced table is indicated for intensive work with heavy loads.
  • Hydraulic double scissor table, lifts up to 30t. It is designed to lift the heaviest machines and containers.

Tandem table, lifts the heaviest and largest loads.

Electromechanical scissor table with chain

SERAPID chain scissor lift table for loads up to 10t and 7m elevation. The drive is enhanced through the chain with mechanical lift for extra stability and precision.

Special tables

As a designer and manufacturer of lifting tables, we are able to adapt and solve any need of our clients. The special tables have been designed to carry out some specific tasks and that facilitate and increase productivity at work.

  • Hydraulic low bogie table designed for the railway sector, it allows to lower and replace or repair the bogies or axles of the trains.
  • Table for unloading animals integrated with access doors with security locks and perimeter closure.
  • Table to move pallets, once the pallets are loaded, it moves along the surface with an integrated roller system.
  • Table to lift containers with the most ergonomic solution and the highest quality.

These would be the models that we have designed and manufactured to solve all kinds of needs, but remember, at vinca we have a team of engineers who design and manufacture customized hydraulic lifting tables to carry out any type of work.

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