The OMNIA mobile pen, our most powerful model

At Vinca we have industrial equipment to lift, transport and handle all kinds of loads. One of the latest additions to the catalog has been the mobile booms that allow us to lift loads of up to 2000kg and, depending on the model, transport it to another place in the room or move it while the boom is stationary while the movement is being carried out.

5 models form this new category, each one with characteristics to offer a variety of functions that adapt to the needs of the clients. Do you want to know the model that supports more load? We tell you all about it below.

The OMNIA model stands out for being an electric traction counterbalanced boom with a capacity of 2000kg and with triple electric extension.


  • Adjustment speed and ratio
  • Load 2000kg at minimum extension and 500kg at maximum extension (3m arm).
  • Extendable arm to pick up any load even in corridors or tunnels.
  • Silent, ecological and with zero emissions.
  • It can be equipped with any hook-mounted accessory such as suction cups, scales, clamps, etc.
  • Rudder with maximum ergonomics and with buttons for double speed.

Setting OMNIA

  • 2TL version with adjustable and proportional speed control levers for crane operation. Proportionality is managed through the movement of the levers. One lever actuates arm raising/lowering and the other actuates arm extension/retraction.
  • 2TR version with remote control with adjustable and proportional speed buttons with ergonomic handle. Proportionality is managed by pressing a button located on the handle. One button actuates arm raising/lowering and the other actuates arm extension/retraction.

How does this pen work?

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