New cable winch catalogue: manual for engineers

Winches are lifting and pulling devices widely used in various industries. These efficient and versatile machines allow for the safe and controlled handling of heavy loads, whether using a manual or motorized system. From construction to logistics, winches play a crucial role in optimizing lifting and moving operations in limited spaces. Their robust design and ease of use make them a reliable solution for increasing efficiency and safety in a wide range of industrial applications.

In the catalog created for engineers we talk about the different types of cable winches and all the information necessary to make safe and optimal use of the device.

  • Application mode: traction, transversal, capstan…
  • Information for safe operation
  • Drive type: manual, electric…
  • Wire speed
  • Type of load
  • Explosion protection classes
  • Etc. 

Additionally, in the catalog you will find a variety of extra and optional equipment for the winches such as radio control, touch screens, foot switch, slotted drum, emergency crank, etc.