Flexible manual doors

Would you like more information about Manual flexible doors?

At Vinca we offer a wide variety of industrial doors and manual flexible doors. Our catalog includes, for example, slat doors specially adapted to your needs.

The Lon Jesne slat doors allow the separation and isolation of spaces at a very low cost, and have become one of the most widespread options in the logistics and industrial world. Even when the traffic of people between them is high, they still maintain their insulating properties.

Each slat door that we manufacture and install in Vinca is easy to assemble, with plates that can be attached to both the wall and the ceiling. The slats are made of very flexible and resistant plastic, and depending on the needs of each client, they can be made in different thicknesses and widths.

Our catalog of flexible slat doors Lon Jesne can be easily adapted to the specificities of each industrial building or warehouse: it can be installed in both small and large openings, and the finishes can be oriented to the type of environments where Each door will be placed in a normal environment, in low temperatures or in situations of very high humidity and temperature.