Fast Industrial doors

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At Vinca we carry out the entire manufacturing, installation and maintenance process of industrial doors: high-speed doors, swing doors, slat doors, roll-up doors and sectional doors. To offer the best service to our clients and help them choose the best express door for their business, we offer personalized attention without obligation.

In our catalog we offer high-speed folding doors of the Hiperflex, Openfry and Vectorflex models. Each of these models, with its peculiarities, offers an adapted and economical solution to the needs of the industrial environment. The fast folding doors can be adapted to the measures, speed and resistance that are necessary according to the pace of work and the environment.

As general characteristics, our industrial high-speed doors are manufactured following current European regulations, with silent operation, with different activation systems, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

In addition, they have an emergency opening system that allows the door to be opened and closed even in moments of power failure. Our high-speed industrial doors are automated, light and flexible, and allow safe transit between different spaces. In addition, they allow environments with different temperatures or humidities to be separated, a factor that is key in many sectors, such as agri-food or pharmaceuticals.