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At Vinca we have a wide catalog so that you can find the electric, pneumatic and hydraulic winch that best suits your needs.

Electric winches

Uses of the electric winch Industrial electric winches are widely used in the construction sector as they allow moving and lifting heavy steel beams, concrete blocks and all kinds of heavy machinery. They are also commonly used in the naval industry, for agriculture, mining and the energy industry, being able to move equipment as heavy... More Info

Manual winches

Discover VINCA manual winches, they have a wide load capacity from 10 to 5000 kg and are available in various finishes. They also have the possibility of adapting an engine so they are very versatile.

Depending on the load to be lifted, the supply voltage and the work to be carried out, as well as its intensity, we can define the most suitable model of winch , be it electric, pneumatic or hydraulic .

In our catalog we have different models of electric winches . Devices weighing more than 1,000 kg include a load limiter and low voltage control.

An electric winch is a device that allows lifting loads through an electric motor. The electric winches are basic equipment and widely used to lift or move any type of merchandise or heavy object.

We can supply winches for industrial use from 125 kg to 32,000 kg, with their respective accessories.

The range of standard pneumatic winches is up to 7500 kg towing capacity and hydraulic winches can reach up to 10,000 kg in first layer. Both types of winches can be used to drag loads, lift loads and / or people.

And in case of need, our winches also have the option of ATEX certificate.