Exterior closing doors

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As their name suggests, sectional industrial doors are made up of sections or panels. They open vertically upwards, which frees up space compared to a conventional door. They are very useful when closing industrial spaces because they offer insulation, airtightness, security and low maintenance.

Vinca sectional industrial doors with exterior closing are made of polyurethane sections. They comply with all the security guarantees necessary for this type of door, in addition to an anti-fall system in case of cable breakage or a patented system to prevent pinching.

Our sectional doors allow a totally perfect closure with respect to the different meteorological phenomena, and are designed to totally avoid vibration, even in cases of very strong winds. The thermal insulation that can be achieved with them is high, K = 0.40 Kcal / mhºC.

Furthermore, Vinca's sectional industrial doors offer an opening and closing system that is very easy to use, and can be adapted to the measurements and aesthetics required by the client. As not all work environments are the same, each client can personalize their sectional door by choosing the most suitable color, in addition to other aspects such as visors.