Gantry cranes

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At Vinca we offer cargo lifting solutions for any type of business, workshop, logistics platform, production plant, factory or warehouse. In this section, you will find a wide range of products adaptable to the needs of each client: gantry cranes.

Heavy gantry cranes

gantry cranes are ideal for indoor and outdoor movements. In the Vinca catalog we offer a wide range of gantry cranes, of more or less large dimensions, single or double girder, fixed or on rails. Its main function is to allow loading when a supporting structure is not built or when the building cannot support... More Info

Light gantry cranes

To carry out tasks that require agility in transport but which in turn offer the security of a robust structure, the availability of light gantry cranes such as those offered by VINCA in its catalog of industrial equipment is necessary.

Crane Accessories

Among the available crane accessories, we offer load beams, crane hooks, grabs, turners and turners, crane clamps, radio controls, pallet carriers, etc. Our specialists will determine the best option for each case. Discover our offer in crane hooks and contact us for any additional information you require.

For lighter loads, at Vinca we have adapted, easy-to-use and inexpensive mobile cranes, such as adjustable gantries, gantry crane . All these equipments can be complemented with special functionalities and with the hoists available in the Vinca catalog.

In addition to these mobile cranes, at Vinca we also offer solutions for heavier loads, such as gantry crane or gantry cranes.

gantry cranes are suitable for handling very heavy loads inside large buildings.

For each mobile crane project and each client, our team supervises the needs and peculiarities of the work and the environment where it takes place, to achieve the best results and the most appropriate equipment.

Find the solution that best suits your business among the following subcategories: gantry cranes, light gantry cranes .