Electric winches

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Each electric winch designed by Vinca is configured to lift loads through an electric motor. Indicated to move any type of merchandise, it is the best solution whatever the type of your business. In addition, Vinca electric winches are configurable for ATEX ZONES of explosive atmospheres. Consult now the catalog and more information about this type of electric winch.

Uses of the electric winch

Industrial electric winches are widely used in the construction sector as they allow moving and lifting heavy steel beams, concrete blocks and all kinds of heavy machinery. They are also commonly used in the naval industry, for agriculture, mining and the energy industry, being able to move equipment as heavy as turbines or transformers.

Thanks to VINCA's electric winches you will be able to lift loads through an electric motor. If what you need is to move any type of merchandise, this is the best solution for your company.

Vinca electric winches can be configured to be used in ATEX ZONES, strictly following current regulations for Explosive Atmospheres.

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