Crane Accessories

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At Vinca we have been specialists in the manufacture, assembly, repair and maintenance of industrial equipment for more than 30 years. As a complement to our products, in our catalog we offer a wide range of accessories for cranes.

Accessories under hook

At VINCA we have a wide catalog of accessories under hook that adapt to any type of hook to complete the industrial equipment used, for example, in overhead cranes using hoists and winches that have a hook to attach the accessory that best suits your needs. .


Extensive range of hoist cranes Hoist cranes are perfect for lifting heavy weights safely, efficiently and more comfortably. We advise our clients to choose the product that best suits them according to their needs. For lifting and / or towing tasks we have electric or manual winches . As an option, we can supply pneumatic... More Info

Radio controls

The radio control allows the hoist or winch to be operated remotely. With a overhead crane control by radio, you will improve the safety of the operator because he can always be located in the place with the best visibility of the load of the hoist or winch, moving far enough away to guarantee the... More Info

Among the available crane accessories, we offer load beams, crane hooks, grabs, turners and turners, crane clamps, radio controls, pallet carriers, etc. Our specialists will determine the best option for each case.

Discover our offer in crane hooks and contact us for any additional information you require.