Would you like more information about Hoists?

At Vinca we have hoists of all kinds, from manual hoist cranes to electric or pneumatic hoists. We also offer wire rope or chain hoist cranes.

Electric chain hoists

The electric hoists are hoists that, by means of a system based on pulleys, allow us to lift or move a load comfortably, making a much less effort than that of having to lift it manually or using other lifting systems . Within the range of hoists, electric hoists differ from the rest because they... More Info

Electric wire rope hoists

At VINCA we are specialists in industrial equipment, and we offer a wide range of solutions for lifting and / or towing tasks. Among them, electric wire rope hoists. The lifting of loads is covered with this type of machinery, making the work more bearable and efficient thanks to the fact that its motor is... More Info

Manual hoists

Vinca manual hoists can be operated either by chain or by lever and are ideal for lifting loads of up to 40,000kg. We install, maintain and repair your manual hoist so that it obtains optimal results, in a comfortable and efficient way. At Vinca we have a range of manual hoists: manual chain hoists or... More Info

Pneumatic hoists

At Vinca we have a range of pneumatic hoists , flexible, efficient and versatile equipment. Ideal for use in industry, to improve maneuvering precision, for safe production and to reduce costs. Indicated, above all, to work in environments with dust, steam, acids or high temperatures. hoists allow lifting, lowering or moving loads ranging from 250... More Info

Crane Accessories

Among the available crane accessories, we offer load beams, crane hooks, grabs, turners and turners, crane clamps, radio controls, pallet carriers, etc. Our specialists will determine the best option for each case. Discover our offer in crane hooks and contact us for any additional information you require.

Extensive range of hoist cranes

Hoist cranes are perfect for lifting heavy weights safely, efficiently and more comfortably. We advise our clients to choose the product that best suits them according to their needs.

For lifting and / or towing tasks we have electric or manual winches . As an option, we can supply pneumatic winches.

If you are looking for a hoist crane or winch , consult the Vinca catalog to find the best option. We offer you advice and assistance throughout the entire process, so that you can get the most out of your hoist crane or industrial equipment that best suits your needs. Contact us without obligation and we will help you choose the perfect hoist crane for your company.