Shelters for loading docks

Would you like more information about Dock shelters?

At Vinca we offer a wide catalog of solutions for loading docks and dock shelters. Like our shelters for loading docks : resistant, hermetic and stable structures that adapt to the needs of each client.

Our catalog includes shelters for loading docks for trucks of similar sizes, but also of different sizes, adaptable according to the characteristics of each case.

Consult our catalog for more information, and our specialists to install your dock shelter.

We have different models of extendable mobile tunnel, different dock shelters, such as those with liftable and fixed cushions, or retractable shelters. All of them designed to withstand the most demanding working conditions and manufactured with the best materials.

We are specialists in dock shelters and we offer solutions that are perfectly adaptable and adapted to the needs of each company. Contact us without obligation.