Forklifts and Industrial Vertical Elevators

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We manufacture and maintain elevators industrial hoists and vertical elevators from 100 kg to 20,000 kg. We adapt the designs to the work, price and productivity needs of each client. Consult us for special designs.

Electrohydraulic Forklifts

The industrial forklift is used for all types of loads: bags, drums, complete pallets. The different models can reach loads of 20,000 kg and an elevation of 18 m.

Our industrial forklift lifts are designed for heavy use, with maximum reliability and low maintenance. The industrial forklift differs from an elevator because it is designed for use with loads: elements such as doors, buttons, etc. they are of greater reliability and durability.

Safe and efficient forklift lift

Safety and efficiency are key in any industrial process, that is why our forklifts are designed to offer a service that guarantees safety and also adapts to any requirement.

Check out our catalog for more information on our electric lift trucks and vertical lifts. All of our products are designed to offer a service with full safety guarantees, and encompass lift truck solutions for very different needs. From devices for heavy loads, to vertical car lifts, pallets or mixed forklifts for people and loads.