Electromechanical scissor tables HMS

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To meet the specific technical needs in lifting, Vinca has developed an exclusively electromechanical scissor lift model driven by the Serapid chain. This model of lift tables is specially designed for applications that require an exceptionally stable lifting of the load allowing precise and constant stops.

Electromechanical lifting tables are designed and manufactured to be used in sectors such as aeronautics, the automotive industry, the paper industry, artistic settings, etc.

Basic Advantages of Electromechanical Scissor Lift Tables:

  • Simple and lightweight design.
  • Loads of up to 10,000kg per column.
  • Minimal efforts in scissors mechanisms.
  • Lifting with constant power and speed.
  • Purely mechanical drive / easy maintenance.

VINCA offers tailor-made electromechanical scissor lift platforms, according to customer requirements and specifications.