Electric wire rope hoists

Would you like more information about Electrical Wire rope Hoists?

At VINCA we are specialists in industrial equipment, and we offer a wide range of solutions for lifting and / or towing tasks. Among them, electric wire rope hoists.

The lifting of loads is covered with this type of machinery, making the work more bearable and efficient thanks to the fact that its motor is powered by electricity. The different loads that can be supported are lifted and transported by means of a hook and strap system. The ease and versatility of use makes electric wire rope hoists an essential complement in the world of construction and other sectors.

At VINCA we have a wide variety of electric wire rope hoists . Depending on your load needs or special requirements, we will recommend the electric wire rope hoist that best suits your needs.

  • Loads up to 1000 kg, the MTrac portable wire rope hoist
  • Loads of up to 250 tons, the NOVA model
  • Heavier loads up to 500 tons, the CRABster hoist
  • With 8 basic types and wide capacity range, the VAT wire rope hoist.

Consult us and we will advise you so that you can choose the most convenient electric hoist for your company.