Self-Repairing High-Speed Roll-Up Door PLUS

Self-Repairing High-Speed Roll-Up Door PLUS
Ref. 71.9

This self-repairing PLUS industrial high speed door has the SAFE CONTROL security system, which consists of a light beam that sweeps the canvas from top to bottom.

In the event that an obstacle is encountered, a tab located on the lower edge of the canvas unfolds, which cuts the beam of the photocells and the canvas rises, automatically inserting itself in the guides. This system replaces the sensor bands.

The advantages of installing this type of canvas doors is that they are a very fast and very efficient type of separation for spaces where the passage of people and vehicles is very frequent. If, during a maneuver, a part of the tarpaulin of these roll-up doors loses from its lane due to an impact, it will automatically return to its guides in the next maneuver. Thus, users of these canvas doors do not have to worry about their operation. For safety and speed, they are optimal as doors for industrial warehouses.

Another point in favor of self-repairing roll-up doors is that their maintenance is minimal and that, as they are industrial high speed doors, safe and efficient, they are especially suitable for places where the safety of goods is also essential: warehouses, supermarkets, laboratories, etc. In all these sites, custom roll-up doors can be installed, depending on the needs of each company.

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