Discover the industrial doors

Get to know the wide variety of fast roll-up doors that we design and manufacture in Vinca. Our folding doors allow you to divide and isolate spaces, taking advantage of the maximum possible with total safety, which makes them a great choice for the industry due to their opening speed, reliability and duration.

All the high-speed doors that we are going to comment on in this article are manufactured in our facilities in Vinca and later a team of specialized technicians carry out the installation. We also have an after-sales service that offers revisions and maintenance of the installed equipment.

The most outstanding industrial doors in our catalog are:


It offers unbeatable value for money as it has great durability. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors and its operation is one of the quietest. This PVC folding door has an optional variator to achieve an opening speed of up to 1 m.p.m.

Do you want to see this model installed? This is how it turned out at the BMW facilities

PRACTIC-ROLL Automatic Roll-up Door

Door designed for interior spaces where we seek to occupy the minimum space. It is the cheapest model.

Magna, a company dedicated to the manufacture of automobile parts, chose this model for its facilities and this was the result.

SUPER-ROLL Automatic Roll-up Door

This roll-up door can be manufactured with a maximum of 4x4m and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It is one of the best options for the exterior as it is made of a flexible self-extinguishing class M2 fabric with an interior textile reinforcement, including transverse stiffeners that improve resistance to air currents or wind.

How to choose the best door according to its characteristics?

 InteriorExteriorOpening speed

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