Self-Repairing Roll-Up Door FASTRAX

Self-Repairing Roll-Up Door FASTRAX
Ref. 71.7

This FASTRAX self-repairing roll-up door is suitable for indoors, outdoors, cold rooms, freezing rooms and windy installations.

It adapts to practically any existing hole without the need for civil works or other modifications to your ship. It has a very versatile configuration, which allows it to be adapted to your needs.

It requires minimal maintenance and is one of the fastest doors on the market (up to 2.5 m / sec.)

Auto “Re-Feed” ™ System: If the door suffers an accidental impact, it self-repairs during its upward movement without the intervention of any operator, returning to its closed position in minimum time.

In addition, it incorporates the technology "Soft-Edge" ™ (soft bottom edge), two photocell barriers and, as an option, single window for total vision, I-Zone and Virtual Vision.

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