CHAINsterGT: electric chain hoists with integrated hoist converter

The revolutionary CHAINsterGT chain hoist with built-in frequency inverter has been exhibited at LogiMAT in Stuttgart during the month of March.

Our partner SWF Krantechnik is presenting its innovative chain hoist CHAINsterGT with built-in hoist in the LogiMAT fair. The pre-programmed frequency converter, mounted inside the sturdy aluminum housing, offers a wide range of functions and ensures greater safety of operation.


A wide range of speeds ensures efficient and fast operation, with models up to 32 m / min. With partial loads of less than 30%, the load can be processed at twice the lifting speed (ESR) by maximizing the power of the equipment, reducing total consumption without load. On the contrary, the operator can use a lower lift speed for precise positioning of delicate loads.

The CHAINsterGT stands out as a safe and reliable hoist thanks to intelligent lifting supervision.

  • The slip clutch is controlled electronically.
  • The control of the total load, and memorization of the remaining safe working period (SWP) that is calculated on a permanent basis.
  • Overload protection is guaranteed both mechanically and electronically.
  • In addition, with the SHOCK LOAD device, the impact of sudden shocks is avoided.
  • The CHAINsterGT is offered with a top hook for loads up to 2,500 kg as standard, or as an option with push carts or electric cars controlled by a frequency converter.

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