Anti-roll load control for bridge crane

The optional bridge anti-roll load control crane device monitors all movements of the equipment, as well as lift height, travel speed and freight carried. The system uses these values ​​to regulate acceleration and braking by modifying the corresponding curves, thus avoiding the swing of the suspended load when stopping the crane.

The crane bridge operator can focus his attention entirely on the load and does not have to take into consideration brakes, approaches and rocking movements. This represents a considerable saving in time and improves the safety of the crane bridge operation.

The anti-roll function will stabilize the load avoiding harmful charge peaks and therefore reduces the pressure exerted on both components: electric and mechanical. This reduces the time and money invested in maintenance. The crane is easy to control and allows the bridge crane load to be placed in the correct position much faster.

The system includes a control lamp to show if the system is on or off.


  • Increased productivity exponentially, eliminate the positioning times and increase the translation speeds safely.
  • Higher speeds can be programmed and more abrupt accelerations are more safety and less wear.
  • Better positioning accuracy because the load is not balanced when the translation movement is stopped.
  • Greater security.
  • Reduced risk of collision due to lower load balancing.
  • Less training needed for bridge crane operators to reach mastery level of positioning accuracy and safety in cargo handling.