T-Davit Portable Lightweight Aluminum Feather

La gama ligera de pluma portátil se complementa con las plumas T-DAVIT, fabricadas a medida y para muchos usos diferentes.

Este tipo de brazos giratorios puede montarse con una sola personas , en las situaciones más difíciles. Una solución “embolsada” hace que sea sencillo para los técnicos llevar el pescante hasta cada puesto de trabajo y en los vehículos de servicio. Esto significa que un solo equipo puede sustituir a los sistemas tradicionales con el ahorros de capital y de mantenimiento que supone, incluye entre las ventajas las consideraciones de salud y seguridad.

The range of rotary pen cranes and the lightweight portable pen range is complemented by T-DAVIT pens, made to measure and for many different uses.

This type of rotating arms can be mounted with only one person, in the most difficult situations. A “bagged” solution makes it simple for technicians to carry the davit to each work station and service vehicles. This means that a single equipment can replace traditional systems with the capital savings and maintenance it entails, including health and safety considerations.

The T-DAVIT range offers customized options such as hand chain hoist or a lifting winch.

The range of T-DAVIT A and B lightweight pens have been subjected to EN795 Type B approval to be used as personal protective equipment against the risk of falling.

It is also approved under the standard: BS EN 13852-1: 2004 ‘Standard lifting equipment for off-shore applications’.


T-DAVIT Skills:

  • Possibility of installing winches or hoist
  • Spinning radius, and adjustable and variable arm length
  • Capacities up to 500Kg and 750kg with new “H”
  • Radius of reach of 2 m or 3 m.
  • Accessories to comply with EN795 Type B available (Series A and B)
  • Height and customizable radius – Lift height can be increased with extensions.
  • Turning radius in 100 mm increments
  • Patented swivel bearing, ultra-low friction to facilitate 360 ° rotation.
  • Own weight – within guidelines for manual handling.
  • Anodized finish – for protection and suitable options for clean environments.
  • Easy and quick assembly, no tools needed
  • Portable – Flat-pack: work transfer bags.
  • Many column support options – integral wheel support, rotating lock control, etc..