New telescopic control for TROMPEX

El mando telescópico es el complemento ideal para el manipulador TROMPEX y es el mando de elección cuando se necesita manipular cargas ligeras a gran altura.

A height knob: the new telescopic knob for TROMPEX

The telescopic control is the ideal complement for the TROMPEX manipulator and is the control of choice when it is necessary to handle light loads at high altitude.

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Up until now, if a company needed to palletize sacks or boxes from a height of 2 m, it was necessary to use a platform, either for the load, or for the operator, since the manipulators’ controls did not allow reaching that height and that greatly slowed the operation. In this way, the saving in transportation was reduced by the additional cost in the handling of the load. With the appearance of the new telescopic control, that is no longer the case.


The new telescopic control is unique and allows the operator to handle load up to a height of 2,750 mm, without having to climb any platform, all with maximum safety.

The telescopic knob can be attached to the current TROMPEX head and represents a new possibility that is added to the current range, consisting of:

  • TROMPEX LITE: Recommended system for light and bulky loads.
  • TROMPEX STANDARD: The standard control, used in the majority of equipment, allows to manipulate boxes, sacks, boards, etc. with the maximum ergonomy and avoiding injuries in the workers, produced by the repetitive movements and the weight of the manipulated product.
  • TROMPEX PLUS: Flexible and articulated control: This system consists of an extension of up to 850 mm, which together with the joint allows handling of loads up to approximately 2 m.

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