As in the last editions, VINCA will be present as exhibitor at HISPACK 2018 that will take place in Barcelona from 8 to 11 May, dedicated basically to the packaging, but also logistics and packing.

VINCA presents its wide range of manipulators for light loads which is composed by: vacuum manipulators TROMPEX-PLUS for sacks, boxes, boards, drums, jerricans, vacuum manipulators TROMPEX-LTi, that can be used with one hand only and specially for very light loads.  As a novelty this year and as complement for manipulators range, we present the swing jib totally in carbon fiber, much lighter and ergonomics. This swing jib gives  an incredible lightness and manoeuvrability to TROMPEX-LTi .

VINCA completes its range of manipulators with pneumatic manipulators, largely used in the automotive and industrial sectors, which are recommended for handling coils, glass, cans, moulds and different parts and they are the handlers of choice when tilting or turning the load is needed.

VINCA has its own Technical Office that enable us the development of tailor-made projects.

In addition, we will also present mobile elevators for loads from 50 to 300 kg, that enable the transport and handling of loads, with several tools to manipulate many kind of loads: oil drums, coils, rolls, boxes, etc.

A part from the products you will find in the stand, the catalogue of VINCA is composed also by: bridges crane, forklifts, docks, truck immobilizers, fast doors, pallet inverters, transfers charts,…

Visit us at Hispack. Stand-B285 (Pab. 3).

We will be happy to greet you!

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