New aluminium multilift

As part of the ergonomics improvement of our customer processes, we present the aluminium mobile lift with capacity up to 250 kg. This device is equipped with a manual winch, and can be mounted to be used with lifting with a hook or with forks for pallets

  • The lifting mast is divisible / extensible: removable extension of 1,000 mm.
  • The Aluminum Multilift can be fully folded up with few movements and saved so that it occupies very little space.

There are 2 standard models available: the model without counterweight with front wheels, and the counterbalanced model to access the load out of the wheels range.

Upon request, customized models can be offered based on the standard configuration.

The most frequent applications are: load loading of pallets, maintenance of equipment such as motors and pumps, lifting of coils and boxes, etc.

The aluminum multi-lift is useful in many common operations in all companies.