Aluminum Multilift

Aluminum Multilift
Ref. 23.1

The Multi-Lift was developed especially for companies that need a mobile lifting device. It is manufactured in standard in two versions: version with front legs (item 6110250) and counterweighted version (item 6120250). Both versions are configurable in turn, since they include extension arm and lifting fork.

Standard features of both models:

  • The lifting is carried out through a manual cable winch.
  • The lifting mast is divisible / extensible: removable extension of 1,000 mm.
  • The Aluminum Multilift can be fully folded up with few movements and saved so that it occupies very little space.
  • It can be transported easily in a truck.
  • It is possible to use for a Europalet or a container.
  • Race by revolution of the manual winch: 50 mm
  • With wheels with brake and rotating, covered with very elastic solid rubber with a diameter of 160 mm.
  • Limit load: 250 kg
  • Own weight: 70 kg
  • Fork length: 560 mm
  • Fork height: 95 mm (from the floor to the top of the fork)
  • The mobile elevator Multilift allows 2 configurations:

Configuration with arm and hook:

  • Reach of the arm: 600 mm
  • Hook travel: 2,300 mm with stainless steel safety carabiner (swivel hook) rotating under load at 360 °

Configuration with lifting fork:

  • Lifting height: 95 - 2,000 mm
  • Width of the lifting fork: 400 mm
  • Length of the lifting fork: 800 mm

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