Wall Jibs

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At Vinca we design your wall jib to achieve a solution fully adapted to the needs of your business. We also take care of the installation and maintenance of your jib crane.

Manual wall-mounted cranes are the most economical and most functional solution for places where there is a strong pillar.

For its part, a motorized wall boom crane is ideal for those jobs in which the load is difficult to manipulate manually.

Both in the case of manual cranes and motorized cranes, they can be anchored to a wall or to a column. It is an unrivaled and effective support in different load lifting tasks.

Within our catalog of jib cranes you will find a wide range of lifting solutions.

Our catalog includes lifting solutions such as portable, column or wall-mounted jib jibs , as well as lightweight or aluminum jib cranes. You will find the best option to handle the load quickly and efficiently either manually or motorized.

If you need more information on jib cranes, ask our specialists for more information. Our team will guide you and provide solutions related to our jib cranes and lifting jibs .