PLT Technical Data



It is the element that moves with the load between the different levels. It is made up of a sheet metal slab, with a reinforcement structure at the bottom, and moves along the vertical frame. The frame is to be fixed to the existing building  or it is a self-supporting structure designed to support the elevator and which can be supplied by VINCA as a complete set.

Depending on the  measurements, loads and needs of the customer, there are two types of platform, the single-frame and the double-frame.

Standard Dimensions

Minimum and maximum dimensions of single-frame platform:

DimensionsMín. (mm)Máx. (mm)
Platform WidthA13005000
Platform DepthB8002000
Gap WidthC13505250
Gap DepthD11252660
Chassis DepthE300530
Chassis WidthF9002500
Door FrameGStandard size: 130 mm
Maximum Load2000 kg.

Minimum and maximum dimensions of double-frame platform:

DimensionsMín. (mm)Máx. (mm)
Platform WidthB12005000
Platform DepthA13007000
Gap WidthD18006060
Gap DepthC13507060
Chassis DepthE300530
Chassis WidthF9002500
Door FrameGStandard size: 120 mm
Maximum Load14.000 kg.

Sizes of standard machines, for sizes and/or loads other than those in these tables, please consult VINCA EQUIPOS INDUSTRIALES, SA. The measures can vary without previous warning.

Electrical and hydraulic installation:

The PLT lift is driven by an electro-hydraulic unit as standard and is equipped with a control panel with PLC.

Control Panel:

Control panel.

The control panel manufactured in accordance with UNE-EN 60204-1:2019 is equipped with a PLC (Siemens S7 standard) to  manages the operation and safety of the PLT Lift.

The whole operation is at low voltage 24 V DC to reduce electrical risks. One of the main characteristics of the electrical panels of the PLT of VINCA is that they are designed so that they can be interconnected easily with other equipment and extend their functionality if in the customer future it is required to extend the installation, or to integrate it in some process with other devices.

Unlike most lifts in the market, no proprietary electronic boards are used for operation, so all parts can easily be replaced, and spares can be found easily among the local electrical suppliers worldwide. The standard signals received through the pilot light on the pendants are:

  • In Operation: piloto light on.
  • Door opened: slow flashing.
  • Door safety warning: fast flashing.
  • Machine stopped between levels: flashing interval 3 s.

Hydraulic Unit:

Motor pump group + electric panel

The hydraulic unit is always located outside the closed area of the PLT, so that it is accessible for maintenance.

It can be located up to 25 m away from the lift if necessary. Supplied with 3 m of hose as standard.

Compact motor-pump unit with high-efficiency submersible pump and customised tanks designed for intensive use with special oil filtering.

Push-button panels and buttons:

The standard model is supplied installed in the frame, and as an option the surface model can be supplied with IP65 protection.

In all cases, the standard buttons are: buttons to send the platform to each floor level , the luminous LED and the emergency mushroom according to UE regulations.


We offer 2 types of standard doors:

Motorised roll-up doors.

DSD System

All doors are equipped with the DSD System: This is a Double Security Doubled System that not only ensures that mechanically and electrically the door is closed, but also monitors that the mechanical door lock is working properly when the PLT platform is not in the floor, preventing the door from being opened.

1ª Safety:

Electrical detection of the closed door.

2nd Safety:

Mechanical locking of the door by means of a bolt to prevent opening if the lift is out of the floor.

3th Safety:

To avoid sabotage of the security devices or errors due to knocks, there is a third electrical detection device on the door that confirms that the mechanical lock is working correctly.

Swinger Doors

Stainless steel swinger doors.

Doors approved under Standard EN 81-58:2018 and made of carbon steel or stainless steel.

Manufactured in 3 mm thick sheet metal and 5 mm in the frames, which gives it the best resistance available on the market. Equipped with reinforced hinges for industrial use. They include the electromechanical security lock with DSD control system and CE marked, handles, hydraulic retainer and 7mm pyrobelite glass window, with frame.

Certification* possible for E-60 and EI-60 flames on single and double-leaf doors or for E-45 and EI-45 flames on reinforced double-leaf doors. With 180-degree leaf opening. Finished with phosphating and anti-rust primer for subsequent enamelling. Possibility of execution in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316.

Motorized Roll-up Doors

Roll-up motorized door.

Motorised aluminium or galvanised steel doors with vertical opening.

They have the great advantage of not requiring space on the landing to open, especially suitable for large doors.

As option you can manually open by unlocking the motor by means of a chain or lever. They are provided with a sensoedge in the lower part and a safety photocell or barrier.

When motorized roller shutters are installed, we also equip the lift with a photoelectric barrier to detect objects protruding from the platform perimeter, thus preventing them from interfering with the door’s closing. 


  • Windows in variable number and position.
  • Drum cover box
  • Outdoor finish.
  • Special colours and finishes for areas with high corrosion.

SBS Interlocking System

Interlocking system SBS by VINCA for access by people during the loading and unloading processes.

The Safety Locking System is an optional feature that allows the platform to be locked at each stop. It consists of several cylinders installed in the lower part of the platform and it is manufactured in hydraulic or pneumatic versions.

When the platform reaches the required level, it is extended a few millimetres above ground level, the locks are extended and the platform is lowered gently until it is mechanically supported, resting on the structure. It has 3 functions:

PLT double hoist frame forklift with SBS system.
PLT single hoist frame forklift with SBS system.


It allows the access of people to the platform only for loading and/or unloading operations.


It allows a perfect levelling of the platform floor with the level of the landing. Highly recommended for loads with small wheels and for loads that require stability, as the PLT with a blocking system does not carry out the re-levelling movement of the platform when load is introduced or extracted


The overweight and the impact produced by the means of transport during the loading do not affect the elevator and its internal mechanisms.

SAC system for cables

VINCA’s PLT platforms incorporate a system of tension detection installed in each lift wirerope, called SAC (Safety Anti Loosening Control).

In the event that one of the lifting cables loses voltage or breaks, the sensors will stop the platform completely and give an alarm signal.

The SAC system is also a safety system to prevent sudden falls by trapping the load on the platform

Self-Supporting Structure and Enclosure

Enclosure with corrugated sheet “Pegaso”.

The PLT lift is manufactured as a complete option with the support structure so that it does not transmit the loads to the existing building and does not require a clamping structure.

It also allows for assembly on site in a very short time and with minimum interference with the customer’s activity.

Includes the chassis support structure.

It can incorporate or not the PLT cladding enclosure.

In case of supplying the enclosure, VINCA factory enclosure according to standard ISO EN 13857:2008 concerning the protection of machines against mechanical hazards and certifies the safety of the whole assembly by means of the CE declaration.

Cladding Enclosures

Enclosure with smooth sheet metal.

The enclosures can be in:

  • Deploye sheet (expanded metal grid).
  • Plain sheet steel or stainless steel.
  • Corrugated galvanised sheet, type “pegasus”. Recommended option for PLTs that are installed outdoors.
  • Other types of enclosure such as sandwich panels, plasterboard, or special materials.

Assembly and commissioning

Outdoor installation with self-supporting feathers.

We adapt to the client’s requirements and complex environments to make the assemblies with the minimum interference and inconvenience to our clients.

By custom manufacturing each piece of equipment, we design it for future use and can incorporate into the design the particular assembly and transport requirements in each case.

This optimises safety, installation times and perfect functioning of the enclosure according to:

  • Assembly with self-supporting structure.
  • Mounting without front access, offset.
  • Assembly with front access with auxiliary crane.
  • No auxiliary mean can access to lift’s shaft . Mounted with lightweight gantry. 


Standard documentation included with each equipment:

  • Optional 2D and 3D equipment drawings.
  • User and Maintenance Manual.
  • Spare parts list.
  • Electrical diagrams.
  • CE marking according to Directive 2006/42/UE (optionally ATEX according to Directive 2014/34/UE for explosion risk areas).