Semigantry Crane

Semigantry Crane
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The VINCA semi-gantry crane allows you to handle large volume and weight loads with ease, thus increasing industrial productivity.

Features of Semi-gantry Cranes

The use of this type of gantry crane is very useful when we have a limited work area. The structure is similar to that of a gantry crane but has only one support point.

At Vinca we design cranes based on the purpose and type of company, but the most important and common characteristics are:
The semi-gantry crane only has a support for the structure and the crane arm.
It has wheels for its displacement, or also rails installed on the ground.
This type of semi-gantry crane includes a raised main beam that allows lifting loads to a greater height.

Consult all your doubts, and request a quote from our specialists. At Vinca we design the crane you need for your industry.

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