ESTEVE: 4000 kg PLT Lift for Clean Room

The elevator allows the transfer of trucks and pallets to 4 different levels of the plant. The cabin is 3x2 m with special finishes to facilitate cleaning and disinfection.

Cabin completely in stainless steel and manufactured completely with a and according to Clean Room standards, not only the cabin. The guiding and traction system is with a cleanroom finish, grease-free, and with Vulkollan wheels.

The doors are stainless steel swing doors with automatic opening. The lifting is carried out by means of a traction group of 4 cables on a single drum to ensure perfect stability of the cabin and perfect levelling regardless of the load and its position.

Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: 4000 kg Lift , model PLT special for Clean Room.


4000 kg capacity and more than 10 m of lifting heigth, with 4 levells. Equipped with VINCA special SBS interlocking system.

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Location: Martorelles / Barcelona (España)