RFA Dock Leveler

RFA Dock Leveler
Ref. 63.4

The self-compensating spring loaded RFA loading ramp, load capacity 6,000 kg, robust and low maintenance, with a folding lip that folds when the ring intended for it is manually pulled.

  • With foot protection skirts.
  • Anti-slip platform surface with tear plate.
  • Self-supporting chassis.
  • Available in different dimensions.
  • Designed in accordance with the European Regulation UNE-EN 1398.

It is made up of a solid self-compensating spring ramp: one set of springs fully compensates the ramp and the other compensates the folding lip: at the end of the manual lift the ramp is released and pre-raised.

  • The lip is folded when the ring intended for it is manually pulled.
  • With marked foot protection skirts.
  • Non-slip floor in teardrop sheet metal.
  • Two semi-elastic protection stops.
  • Support lip with 3-plane generatrix for the perfect fit to the truck bed and the rolling of the trucks.
  • With 2 manually operated latches (see “RF” model) for leveling, cross traffic and anti-theft.
  • With safety bar for inspection and maintenance.

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