Cable Portable Winch / Hoist Mtrac

Cable Portable Winch / Hoist Mtrac
Ref. 12.1

Capacity up to 500 kg in 1 fall, and up to 1000 kg in configuration of 2 branches.

With the Mtrac Hoist, the lifting cable pulls through the winch without the need to wind it in a drum, allowing work without height or traction length limitations of standard winches or hoists.

The winch can be used in many applications such as civil construction, maintenance or assembly.

Possibility of hoisting / pulling in both directions when working both vertically (hoist) and horizontal (winch).

Includes power cable (1 m) with plug, steel cable (diameter 6.5 mm, length 10 m) with hook, pendant with stop mushroom and 2.3 m cable, carrying handle, top hook, 4 rubber support points

The winch is delivered complete with the following standard features:

  • Power cable with 1 m & plug
  • Steel cable (diameter 6.5 mm, length 10 m) with hook
  • Pendant with 2.3 m cable
  • Carrying handle
  • Suspension hook
  • Load limiter
  • Electrical limit switches up / down

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