Elevables Coat and Fixed Cushions

Elevables Coat and Fixed Cushions
Ref. 75.2

Coat high and has a fixed sealing cushions, especially in cases where the transport fleet is composed of trucks identical or similar models.

For this coat is available cushions fixed model and the model that supports different liftable rear.

The ideal application when rear of the truck is similar to the doorway. With this coat high airtightness and cost reduction is achieved. Built with fixing base to the wall and the elastic support upliftment.

Coating fabric in dark blue or black high tenacity. Foreclosure aluminum profiles. In this model two rubber bumpers 250 x250 x 100 mm is included. thick, to fix the concrete wall of the facade.

Construction features similar to the fixed model. This model allows you to adjust the height of the lintel to the different heights of the box truck, if so provided in the project. A weight compensation system lintel allows the operator to raise or lower within its vertical stroke, with minimal effort.

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