Pont Roulant Monopoutre

Single Girder Crane
Ref. 18.2

The single girder cranes are effective solutions to move loads when it is necessary to take advantage of all the height available and the building is not extremely wide.

Our models have double speed in all the movements (hoist, trolley and crane) and are equipped with wirerope NOVA hoists with special reduced height.

The standard equipment is the following one:

  • Limit switch in all the movements.
  • Load limitator.
  • Low voltage (48V) control. Gear boxes with coaxial attack (low wearing down and maintenance).
  • Speeds to choose between 0 and 40 mpm for the crane.
  • Trolley speed from 0 to 20 mpm progressive with inverter.
  • 1 year of guarantee.

Among the optional equipment we can supply: control by radio, accountant of hours, dynanometers, line of life, etc.

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