VACU-LIFT H-6Q (Max. 1250 Kg)

VACU-LIFT H-6Q (Max. 1250 Kg)
Ref. 24.2

For horizontal transport of nearly every material and shape

  • Standard and individual solutions available
  • Lifting capacities of up to 1250 kg


  • Low maintenance even if the going gets tough
  • Gentle transport of goods also for sensitive products
  • Easy controlled by hand lever, cable remote control, mounted operating panel,…
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Sophisticated, durable system by 45 year experience
  • Available standard voltages 24 – 500 Volt
  • Increased safety with optical and acoustical safety unit (not only EN 13155)
  • Safe in case of power failure
  • Made in Germany

Flexible configurable basic unit

Basic unit A

This part of the device is a compact component and is used for the vacuum generation and control.

  • Control “suction-release”: lever valve (standard)
  • Power connection: 5-pole CEE-connection 400 Volt or 230 Volt Schuko-plug 2-pole
  • Lacquering: devices primed and lacquered yellow (RAL 1007 – standard colour for hoisting devices), all other parts in standard colours or galvanized
  • Crane hook suspension: dimensions 60 x 120 mm

This unit is the suction pad unit and can consist of a single suction pad or a beam construction with multiple suction pads.

  • Main beam: Solid, durable steel
  • Cross beams: infinitely adjustable and lockable
  • Suction pads: infinitely adjustable and lockable
  • Suction pad suspension: gimballed with double sided elastic height compensation
  • Height compensation: 50 mm

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