VACU-LIFT U01-E (Max. 75 Kg)

VACU-LIFT U01-E (Max. 75 Kg)
Ref. 24.2

VACU-LIFT offers you a wide variety of standard systems for the gentle transport of your loads, also for sensitive products. A tried and tested technique with outstanding durability.

  • energy independent
  • automatic mode
  • plug & play, immediately ready for operation
  • standard and individual solutions
  • lifting capacities of up to 4,000 kg

Basic unit

Each specific type series has the same basic unit. The customised devices are equipped with different beams, suction pads and with high quality sealing rings, which are exchangeable. If required oil or heat resistant sealing rings are also available.

As an option for the transport of smaller loads it is possible to switch off individual suction pads of a multipad device.

The design configurations shown are our standard range, however, we also offer customised devices for loads up to 4,000 kg. Please contact us with your requirements.

Series U01 Single pad device
type U01-E
Lifting capacity 75 kg
Minimum load 5 kg
Dead wight 6,7 kg
Sealing ring U100-3
Suction pads
1 / ø 210 mm
Maximum size of the load* 1000 x 1000 x 2mm
Minimum size of the load ø 220 mm
Dimensions ø 210 mm, 440 mm (h)

* It is important that there is no bending of the load during transportation. The above maximum load sizes refer to steel sheet thickness of 1 or 2 mm. A different thickness or material may alter the specifications.

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