VINCA exclusive distributor of VACU-LIFT

VINCA Equipos Industriales has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the German company Vacu-lift. Vacu-lift was founded in 1967 and is a world leader in the manufacture of suction cup equipment for handling vacuum loads.

Vaculift’s range of products consists of self-priming manipulators, electric manipulators and special equipment. The self-priming manipulators are fully mechanical, do not require electrical power and allow handling loads up to 4,000 kg, non-porous and smooth surface.

Vacu-lift manipulators are ideal for handling steel sheets (especially stainless steel), even with low thickness, aluminum sheets, brass, bronze, lead plates, coated boards, plastic plates, smooth stone, etc.

The range of electric manipulators, equipped with vacuum pump, allow to manipulate any type of load with smooth surface, as well as to turn it. In addition to the catalog equipment, Vacu-lift specializes in the manufacture of special equipment to handle large loads such as wind turbine blades, space satellites, etc. reaching to handle loads of more than 40 ton.

The Vacu-lift handlers are delivered ready for suspension from the crane or boom bridge, and can also use a truck, for lighter elements. As a manufacturer of crane bridges, Vinca offers its customers the option of supplying them with the complete set consisting of the crane bridge and the Vacu-lift manipulator. Consult us or visit our website: We will be happy to assist you and study your project.