Weighing pallet trucks

Weighing pallet trucks
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The range of weighing pallet trucks is designed to provide a plus to this work tool. The weighing system is incorporated in manual and electric pallet trucks. They are also complemented with other accessories such as a piece counter or a printer to obtain control of the work carried out. This range of pallet trucks is also available in INOX and galvanized version.


Weighing hand pallet truck

6 different models that support loads of up to 2500kg and with a weighing section of 500gr. The measurement is standard 1185 x 555 mm.
The PX25 model is a simple and robust tool that transports loads manually. The weighing display has 6 digits to communicate an exact weight in both kilograms and pounds. The weighing system is equipped with 4 AA batteries that provide 30 hours of autonomy.

The GS/P model is an intelligent weigher that can be equipped with different accessories: printer (prints gross, net and tare weights, date and quantity) or USB (to store weighing data). Its screen calculates both the weight of the load and the total weight of all the loads made.

Weighing forklift truck

The HX10E model is an intelligent tool that offers us a safe elevation up to 800mm and a weighing device. It has an LCD screen located in the front that can be adjusted and rotated so that the operator can view it from the position they want.

Weighing electric pallet truck

The PX model is a pallet truck that we can use both manually and electrically. It has a screen that offers 6 digits to indicate the weight, this weighing mechanism is powered by 4 AA batteries that offer 30 hours of autonomy.

The GS/P model is an Agile motorized pallet truck that combines electric and manual functions. It is a perfect solution to verify the merchandise that arrives, calculate the load and thus avoid overloads and problems with shipments. It can be equipped with a printer and USB to receive weighing information on paper or in a text document.


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