ALCOCER MANIPULADOS: Interconnected rolling doors

With almost 50 years of experience in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of industrial equipment, we have extensive experience that allows us to know each sector in detail, its needs, standards and regulations.

ALCOCER MANIPULADOS is a laboratory specialized in handling, shrink-wrapping and packaging of pharmaceutical products and the cosmetic sector. In one of their production processes, they needed to transport products from one room to another without contaminating them. What does this mean? That from room 1 and room 2 cannot be connected.

At VINCA we studied and analyzed your case and offered a solution made up of two interconnected Practic Roll rolling doors.

With this we get that a door does not open if the other is open. Maximum security offered thanks to this technology. In this way, the operator opens door 1, accesses the zone delimited between two zones and when door 1 closes, door 2 opens.

This system is very common in sectors like this, but we can also find it in the food sector. As we always say, each client has different needs, but at Vinca we are experts in offering solutions.

Discover the entire range of industrial doors here or contact to tell us about your case and be able to offer you the best solution. Remember that at VINCA we are experts in lifting and handling industrial loads, regardless of the dimensions or the load.

Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: 2 Practic Roll rolling doors

Customer: Alcocer Manipulados

Location: Barcelona / Barcelona (España)