Talleres Serra: Gantry Crane Tandem

New project for the design, installation and maintenance of a group of three pairs of bridge cranes with possible tandem operation (master-slave) for Talleres SERRA S.L.

This group of cranes allows the manipulation of large loads, thus perfectly adjusting to the customer's production process thanks to the tandem operation system.
This practical system allows each pair of cranes to work with one, with another or with both cranes at the same time. In this way, large loads can be manipulated efficiently and easily.

Thanks to these equipments, VINCA adapts and satisfies the needs of the client, with a practical and profitable solution.

Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: Three pairs of identical crane bridges with the possibility of tandem operation (master-slave), to manipulate large loads.

Capacity/Dimensions: Six monorail crane bridges with a 6300 kg each one, with 21 m span in three venues with more than 60 m of runways.

Customer: Talleres SERRA S.L
Talleres SERRA manufactures machinery for the paper, cardboard and graphic arts industries.

Location: Barcelona / Barcelona (España)