SIGMA: Monorail bridge crane

Project of two monorail cranes of 10t and 6.3t with electric cable hoist SWF Krantechnik of the NOVA series, equipped with Novamaster.

SIGMA provides innovative solutions for physical-chemical, biological, filtration and disinfection processes to meet the various needs of water and wastewater treatment in the industrial field.

The VINCA bridge cranes of large dimensions and large capacities have been totally adapted to the customer's facilities in order to be able to move heavy loads throughout the effective area of the building.

Vinca has also calculated, designed and installed rails and pillars so that the cranes can move along the 40 m of the existing building.

Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: Two 6.3 and 10 ton monorail bridge cranes with a structure made up of columns, rails and tracks for both bridges.


  • Monorail bridge crane with a 20 m span and a 10.000 kg load capacity.
  • Monorail bridge crane with a 20 m span and a 6.300 kg load capacity.

Customer: Suministros y Gestiones Medioambientales, S.L. (SIGMA)
SIGMA designs, supplies and builds flotation equipment and filtration systems.

Location: Girona / Girona (España)