STADLER: Steerable transfer car with lifting table

Stadler builds rail vehicles and has been offering its services all over the world for almost a decade. Currently, Valencia has a large facility with a surface area of ​​200,000 m2 and around 900 employees.

For years we have been working together to improve and solve different problems that operators face when working with different loads.

The last project carried out was carried out with the objective of transporting the railway tanks from one place to another in the workshop and thus carrying out maintenance. We obtained the solution through a steerable transfer car with a lifting table.

How does this combination of transfer and table work? The operators direct the transfer car until it is positioned under the tank. Once there, they raise the lifting table and unhook the tank. When they have finished the maintenance, they do the same operation again but in reverse to reinstall the tank in its place.

Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: Steerable transfer car with lifting table.

Customer: STADLER
It builds rail vehicles that provide added value and adapt to customer needs. Our trains are reliable and safe, while offering maximum comfort to passengers.

Location: Albuixech / Valencia (España)