WWTP Besos: Lifting Platform 1500kg

WWTP Besòs It is one of the largest treatment plants in the world and the one with the greatest processing capacity in Catalonia. It is located in Sant Adrià de Besòs.

This WWTP is constantly evolving and to continue improving and being more effective, the design and manufacture of a forklift was requested from VINCA Equipos Industriales.

Features of this industrial forklift

  • Load capacity for 1500kg
  • Two levels of unemployment: floor 0 and floor 1
  • 2 x 2 m platform
  • Double frame for intensive use
  • Doors on each floor with double security

Each lifting platform that leaves the VINCA facilities has been designed and manufactured to measure according to the client's needs. As manufacturers, we manage to adapt to each requirement and offer the best possible solution.

What makes this lifting platform unique?

In this case it was installed above the ground, that is, a pit was not made and stop 0 is not at ground level. In order to access the platform, a ramp was installed that complies with established regulations.

In addition, a walkway has been installed on floor 1 to access the forklift. This hallway is 2.6m long and has a railing on both sides.

This forklift is one more project that perfectly describes how we work at Vinca Equipos Industriales. We study, design, manufacture and install industrial equipment, always having as a priority offering the best possible solution with maximum safety.

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Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: Hoist Lifter

Capacity/Dimensions: 1500 kg

Customer: EDAR Besòs
Wastewater Treatment

Location: Sant Adrià de Besòs / Barcelona (España)