Electrical Winch

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Electrical Winch
ref. 12.1


The electrical winch is the most basic equipment to elevate and/or to pull of any type of load. VINCA can provide winches for industrial use from 125 kg to 32,000 kg.

The winch can be manual or electrical, and can be equipped with differnet options. The standard electrical models from 1000 kg upincorporate load limitor and low tension control. Optionally we can manufacture the winches with:

  • Simple or double speed
  • Drum with double exit of cable Control by radio
  • Manual clutch

In order to define correctly your winch, it is necessary to know: the fully factored load, the necessary capacity of drum, the electrical supply , the intensity of work and the work to do (by so defining the most correct position of the winch).


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12.1.2 Electric wirerope winch 43/86Data sheeten
12.1.2 Electric wirerope winch 42/87Data sheeten
12.1.2 Cabestrante eléctrico de cable 42/87Ficha de productoes
12.1.2 Treuil électrique 42/87Fiche techniquefr
12.1.2 Treuil électrique 43/86Fiche techniquefr
12.1.2 Cabestrante eléctrico de cable 43/86Ficha de productoes