Light Gantry ALU Lightster

Light Gantry ALU Lightster
Ref. 18.1

ALU LIGHTster lightweight overhead crane features

  • Minimum own weight
  • Use in static applications with low resistance.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Assembly savings: minimal, positioning free of any number of hangs.
  • High quality: Non-corrosive material, reduced travel noise due to nylon wheels, durable structure with minimal maintenance costs.
  • Precise application: Movements of loads free of vibrations; exact material fluidity; ergonomic handling also for motorizations.
  • Advantages: powerful application system with high load capacity and minimum use expense.
  • Complex system easily solvable

ALU LIGHTster offers with three different profiles solutions with a variety of applications for all needs.

With ALU LIGHTster, applications on monorail cranes as double girder cranes are possible in suspended models or of compact and short construction.

Carriage translation facilities, such as crane bridge translation, can be chosen for manual or motorized use. The nylon wheels of the trolley with manual push allow smooth and silent use during its movement.

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