LIGHTster aluminum crane bridge

Este año se cumplen 5 años desde el lanzamiento de la línea de puentes de aluminio LIGHTster. Para la celebración, queremos compartir las ventajas del puente ligero en combinación con el polipasto Chainster GT, equipado con variador en elevación.

This year marks 5 years since the launch of the LIGHTster aluminum bridge line. For the celebration, we want to share the advantages of the light bridge in combination with the chain hoist Chainster GT, equipped with variador en elevación.

The LIGHTster aluminum lightweight crane assembly and the new electric chain hoist are a perfect combination as a crane for a productivity work station.

It is manufactured up to a capacity of up to 2,000 kg. The configuration offered covers a multitude of purposes, as we have a monorail version, birrail, and reduced height. The bridge crane LIGHTster can be in manual version or bridge cranes motorized.

The advantage of the LIGHTster aluminum lightweight crane bridge system compared to other similar products is the ease of movement, reducing up to 5 times the operator’s efforts at each start and stop, making the ergonomic advantage evident.

Another advantage is that it is a modular system, very simple to assemble, and that its configuration can be changed and modified according to the necessary use, so that the investment in the crane bridge is further optimized.

The reduced weight of the aluminum crane itself has a positive effect on the building’s static and makes assembly for installers lighter and easier.

If we also equip the crane bridge with a chain hoist Chainster GT, we obtain the perfect equipment in smoothness and productivity, with speeds of elevation up to 20 m / min according to the capacity. The GT chain hoist includes as standard the ‘Shock Load’ function which prevents sudden starts, adjusting the speed as a function of weight.

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