Pneumatic Manipulator

Pneumatic Manipulator
Ref. 24.0

The weightless manipulator is based on a pneumatic cylinder, which allows you to balance the weight of the load.

We have two types: flexible cable manipulators and weightless rigid arm manipulators. Cable manipulators are very agile and allow simple manipulation, without overturning the load. Rigid arm manipulators allow you to grab, flip, turn, drop, etc. easily any type of product with very different shapes and weights.

Weightless manipulators are especially indicated for sectors such as: food, electrical appliances, automotive, drums and tanks, coils, electromechanical devices, packaging, casting, construction material, motors, furniture, tires, panels and sheet metal, bags, sanitary, boards of wood, tubes and metal bars etc. In addition, they can be made entirely of stainless steel, or for ATEX classified zones (zones 1 and 2), etc.

Weightless manipulators can be anchored to the floor, ceiling, or mounted on a trolley that slides on rails, so that their working area is wider. There is also the option of mobile manipulators, for specific uses.

We have a wide range of weightless manipulators to solve your cargo handling needs. Consult us without obligation about your product to be handled and VINCA will propose the appropriate solution to your need.

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