GERMANS HOMS: Monorail crane bridge

Once again VINCA collaborates with our client, Germans Homs, to offer a solution to their needs in an optimal and effective way, adapting our equipment to the different installations of the client.

In the first place, it is a remounted 10t load overhead crane, totally adapting itself to the shape of the existing warehouse, thus making the most of the space and achieving a maximum height of height under hook of the crane bridge.

The second equipment is a 5t monorail bridge crane on a self-supporting structure, thus avoiding foundations for the pillars that support the rails.

Finally, a monorail bridge crane with a load of 5t is adapted to the client's installations by making lateral cuts on both sides to avoid the existing luminaire. In addition, this installation has a system of 'dead zones', a system that prevents the equipment from acting and/or entering conflictive zones determined by the client.

This project is distinguished by the special customization of the design of our equipment to adapt to the needs of our customer in a versatile and effective.

Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: Equipment 1) Remounted monorail overhead crane. Equipment 2) Self-supporting structure without foundations + Monorail overhead crane. Equipment 3) Structure + Monorail overhead crane with 'Dead Zones' system.

Capacity/Dimensions: Equipment 1) Total of 25 m of structure for an agondolated monorail bridge crane with 19 m of span and 10,000 kg of load capacity. Equipment 2) Total of 45 m of structure for monorail bridge crane with 19 m span and 5000 kg load capacity. Equipment 3) Total of 19 m of structure for monorail bridge crane with 9 m span and 5000 kg load capacity.

Customer: Germans Homs Lloguer de Maquinària 1852 S.L
Is a family business with experience in rental of machinery without driver, equipment, modules, scaffolding, structures and repair of machinery.

Location: Mataró / Barcelona (España)