ICONEL CABLES: Overhead crane 2000 kg with Big Bag implement

New installation of a 2000 kg overhead crane + beam for BigBag, all the equipment designed and manufactured by Vinca Equipos Industriales. This overhead crane is an efficient and safe solution for cargo handling in your industrial environment.

The combination of the overhead crane and the outrigger form a versatile and resistant tool that will adapt perfectly to the needs of the client. With its lifting capacity, it will allow the transport and positioning of the big bag with ease, optimizing operations and improving productivity in the work area.

Parts of the project:

The combination of overhead crane and hoist allows us to carry out 3 different movements:

  • Translation of the overhead crane along the track
  • Translation of the hoist by the beam
  • Lifting the hoist hook

All these movements are activated from the radio control where we control the direction and speed of the NOVA hoist. The overhead cranes are always equipped with a button panel, but for greater comfort and efficiency we optionally offer the radio control.

In addition to the operational benefits, the 2000 kg overhead crane also offers significant advantages in terms of time and cost savings. Its load capacity and its efficiency in handling heavy loads will reduce work times and increase productivity. By optimizing loading and unloading processes, downtime is minimized and the overall efficiency of operations is improved.

The choice of Vinca Equipos Industriales as the supplier of the 2000 kg overhead crane is a guarantee of quality and reliability. Vinca is recognized for their industry expertise and their extensive knowledge of industrial equipment allows them to offer customized solutions that are perfectly tailored to each client's specific needs and requirements. If you want and are interested in receiving information about an overhead crane or any other industrial equipment, you can contact contact here.

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Location: Binaced / Huesca (España)