SCHWEPPES: Overhead crane 500 kg

New overhead crane assembled at the Schweppes facility. In this case we installed a fully bolted 500kg bridge crane equipped with an Athlo chain hoist. This installation method is carried out due to the need to avoid welding in a sensitive beverage packaging area while facilitating the speed of assembly and the possibility of making modifications and/or transfers of the equipment with relative ease.

Overhead Crane 500 kg

Every time we work on a project, our engineering team studies all the details, from taking measurements to design and manufacturing to assembly and commissioning. In this project Vinca carries out and is responsible for all phases.
The overhead crane has been installed on one of its production lines to move and change accessories associated with the different formats that are batch processed on the packaging line.

The installed equipment is handled with a radio control that the operator activates in a safe and exact way. With this equipment we manage to improve and facilitate the task of the operators and speed up the work on the production line. Benefits for the company that they enjoy from the first use of the overhead crane.

This is the latest project we have carried out for Schweppes, a company with which we already have experience after manufacturing other Vinca products such as industrial fans or various overhead cranes installed in different areas.

At Vinca Equipos Industriales we offer tailor-made solutions for the handling and loading of all types of materials.

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Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: Bridge crane 500 kg bolted with chain hoist.

Capacity/Dimensions: Maximum load: 500kg.


Location: (España)